JBL flip is a must have gadget for the music buffs


What I needed was a bluetooth speaker that is portable to support my upcoming travels and gives good enough sound and bass levels (I was not expecting to use it to support an Iron Maiden concert). After some online research and couple of hours of walking around the alleys of notorious Nehru Place (largest IT market in India), I shortlisted the JBL Flip. Tagged at INR 5999, you can strike a deal for 15-20% cheaper at Nehru Place.


  1. Compact and solid built. You can keep it horizontally or vertically.
  2. Recharge and rock up to 5 hours.
  3. Built in microphone
  4. Can be used inside your car (or anywhere) connected to your phone. Has a call pick up button.
  5. Traval handy – one piece and comes with a carrying pouch.


  1. It cant be USB charged. Comes with an adaptor to recharge the batteries. So if you plan to stay and use it outside for long, Carry another pair of batteries.
  2. Setting it up on a Mac is a bit tricky. The instructions that come with it doesnt work.  This is how you can do it. Click on “Setup Bluetooth device” on your mac and while it searches for available devices, you keep pressing the power button till the Mac detects it (and not for 3s as mentioned in the manual)

Have fun. Rock On.


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